Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SWAP! DON'T SHOP! NEWSBRIEF (tonight's the night!)


we've been thinking, swap-don't-shoppers.

we think we have to have rules.

don't be alarmed, we know what you're thinking---something like "you guys? rules? there are no rules in style! there is no crying in baseball."

but, as per our research on the history of the american clothing swap, we have a responsibility as your hosts to make sure none of you sustains either physical injury or any deep, scarring sense of emotional loss at our party. we have decided to take this responsibility seriously. so hear me when i say this, you 15 brave souls who have RSVPed:

swap! don't shop! 0-10, you have nothing to fear but style itself.

rule #1
bring 5-10 items, take 5-10 items. yes, these are ballpark figures. it just seems like it will be better this way than other swaps we've read about that are absolute free-for-alls. everyone brings their best stuff to swap and takes home someone else's best. it's going to be like a treasure hunt in my living room. you know what we mean?

which brings me to

rule #2
the clothes you bring should be something you really think others would want to wear. yes, we all have our own sartorial particularities. for example, i enjoy sporting moth holes in my sweaters; not everyone does. lizzie and i both wear a lot of men's clothes, so you might see some of those. but if we all bring interesting, desirable things that we really treasured at some point, that are preferably recently washed, it will probably end up being more enjoyable, right?

and finally

rule #3
not a rule per se, but a heads-up: first, the clothes will be put out. we will figure out how to display them all equally. then, we'll all take a look-see (i.e., the first round). we will make mental wish lists. lizzie and i encourage dialogue.
"whose is this?" or "where did you find such a gem of a skirt?" or "how could you part with it?"
once everyone participating has had the go-around, we swap. we try things on. they don't fit, or you like the dress better on the hanger than on you? then back into the pile it goes. then, round two.

at least, that's what we envision. the best laid plans, you know. let's just live the dream, ok?

A & L

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