Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ellen joins the samstag family

as selfless as shopping for christmas presents can be, let's be honest, it can go down a very dangerous and selfish path. enter ellen, my semi-brand new royal custom II typewriter.
practically born with a full set of fingers and toes, this beauty is also semi-fully functioning.

her buttons have a happy click to them and although the ribbon was all dried up, i consider this $6.99 find in the value village basement a miracle. my sherlock holmes instincts tell me that the name ELLEN sharpied on the inside of the royal's carrying case belongs to her former owner.
let's carry on the legacy.
to ms. ellen, who i pray is still with us, thank you for taking impeccable care of your royal typewriter and for leaving it to the good folks of value village. let the letter writing and crafting commence!


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