Saturday, October 24, 2009



My Halloween rests in the balance between spirited gumshoe and adventurous dream-child.

Cast your vote?

Friday, October 23, 2009

Featured Friend - Maggie Wykowski

We have creative friends. Here's example numero uno - Maggie, the Artist. The horrible yellow tint from my camera does no justice to just how sweet this cross stitch is. An almost finished piece of work.

Did I mention that I'm jealous?
Vive los muertos!

- L

Early Morning Brainstorming

The excitement of falling asleep listening to rain on my window got me too excited and well, sleeping just wasn't an option. So I brainstormed. Hmmm hmmm hmmm what would be fun for Halloween? Here are some ideas for the idealess, the hopeless, or for those who think they could rock some all-American, all-female costumes.

Amelia Earhart. Army surplus, sweet hat for after the holiday, warm and cozy jumper...think about it!

Bonnie...and I guess Clyde - but who really needs that ball and chain?

Janis Joplin. Hell yes. That is all.

Sandy! Dayum! You can't tell me you wouldn't scare the boys.

Tina Turner. Might as well. Best.wig.ever.



And I thought she couldn't top this...


Drumroll, please....

I've done it. I finally decided what I want to be for Halloween thanks to some friendly inspiration. And it is....?

Charlie Chaplin!

"But Lizzie" you ask, "what about your sexy firewoman costume? Sexy nurse? Sexy school teacher? Your sexy sexy?" I doubt I'm disappointing anyone (*Frat houses are not places I frequent. Neither is the Lusty Lady), but running around the Hill on a cold and mostly likely rainy night in anything but pants doesn't sound appealing.

Plus, I've been thinking and thinking about how I can incorporate a mustache of some kind into my costume. Don't ask why. Things I will need:

1. A cane
2. A bowler hat
3. Men's pants and oversized shoes
4. One heavy duty mustache and eyebrow set
5. And the rest of the get-up that I'm sure is hiding in a closet somewhere in this apartment

What's even better is that the man wore eyeshadow for his usual shtick! It'll be easy to fit into this role seeing how he played "clumsy" and well, that's my daily ticket AND I'll be wearing men's shoes...

* P.S. Look up "Girls's Costume Warehouse" on the Youtube. It gets me every time.

Signing out,
- L

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's up Real Life?

Hi long-lost friends, from the web and Real Life! It's me, Annie, the slack half of this here blog. (!!!)

It's been a while since we last spoke. I hope you aren't peeved with me. I have been feeling a little blue, a little like maybe-I-can't-take-on-the-world as of late. So I have been hiding away in my cozy new bedroom, reading Nancy Drew and strategizing. And though Nancy Drew had very little to do with it (making sure the dishes are done before you follow that clue...sheesh! No thank you.), I am now putting on my new game face.

There. It's on.

The world isn't going to change. I surmise that it's going to keep on coming at me. And that's a wonderful thing! New apartments, new jobs (that aren't what you love), working for the money so you can eat dinner, no school (!), brothers visiting, mothers visiting, payin' da bills, blahblahblah. I might as well meet it head on, with a smile and fake claws!

If seeing Where the Wild Things Are taught me anything, it's that it's really rad to be reminded that it's ok to pretend that you're tougher than you are, and that you can be sad sometimes and also that living in a giant spherical fort made of twigs is something that other people dream about, too.

But it's exciting. There are things to be done! Postcards to be sent! Sketches to be drawn! Re-store windowpanes to be hung on my living room wall!

OH, and also, more importantly, A NEW AND EXCITING, COMPLETELY AWESOME EVENT to be planned & explained right here on this blog. A brainchild of my most lovely, most patient counterpart, the ever-fashionable Ms. L.



Sunday, October 18, 2009

Laundry Day!

My roommates and I recently (and by recently I mean about a month and a half ago) moved into a new apartment where I discovered that we have to *gasp* pay with quarters to get any laundry done. What da eff, Landlady??? Oh well, it's to be expected, but I am annoyed and cheap. So when the going gets rough, I mean, when I'm cheap as scheiss, hang dry.

I proved to be a child of my generation because when without a clothesline, I just used my old internet cable. Chyeah, who uses an internet CABLE anymore? Here are some pictures from the day long chore.

Oh and uh, don't mind the girly things...

So fresh & so clean,

- L

Whacha Makin?

Oh what you can do with a trusty Goodwill and some postgrad free time! Woohoo! Ms. Reardon, Ms. Murphy and I recently stomped around the International District Goodwill and came home with some great finds. I picked up this breakfast-in-bed tray that's matted with some map of some lakes and land from some place that I just don't know. Cool, huh?

I fixed it up, added a frame hanger, and some everyday nails and OUILA! a place to hang my favorite jewelry pieces.

I thought I'd point out for you local shoppers that I found the gold fan necklace at No Parking on Pike & 11th - great vintage stuff in a great cramped space. I especially want to point out the white beaded collar in the middle. It came from B & W Vintage on Pike just east of 12th Ave. Please, please support this local vintage's like walking into your grandparent's closet (Nana, is that you?). And the old man behind the counter is about five feet too tall to fit into my purse and steal.

Anyway, get craftin'!

- L

Friday, October 16, 2009

Something I Wouldn't Do

I came across this on the internet today (Design You and had to stop & stare for a while. Abuuuhhh???? OUCH. And why? Fashion is pain, babe.

Ay, Dios!

- L