Saturday, January 9, 2010

resolutions, shmezzelutions.

hello, 2010. you sure did sneak up quick there. but it's good to see you. let's do this. i'm not one for making resolutions. it must run in my blood. i asked my grandmother if she had any for this year and she said, "oh dear, i haven't ever kept my resolutions, so why try starting now?" i feel ya, nana. BUT i DO want to "work" on a few things. self-improvement in baby steps. here they are...

1. go on more adventures with my friends.
annie and i went on a scouting mission over on the islands this summer. here we are on the ferry.

2. put my college education to
my ladyloves and i at seattle university's commencement ceremony.

3. talk & visit with my family more often.
great smiles must run in this family. these women are my inspiration for EVERYTHING.

4. seek out every opportunity to be great.
just another seattle sunset from our apartment's deck.

5. get SAMSTAG rolling. events! sales! crafting! friend making!
you know you want the kitties.

welcome to the new year!

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