Tuesday, January 26, 2010

it's what's up.

our friend herbert is an artist. gentleman. great hugger. and underground dancer.

he also puts on free art shows.

artists display their work for a few hours of shmoozing and dancing, then we get to take it home! for free! it's FASE!
last year we had the FIRST art show at my old home on jefferson. i'm sad to say that the boys and i don't live there any longer (really?), but am glad that herbert is continuing this excellent tradition.

here are some pictures of swell friends with great art from the march 09 show:

so remember! sign up by march 30th, 2010 and have your art displayed during the first week of april. write to herbasaurus@gmail.com for more information!

oh yeah, and check out his flickr here!

much love,


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  1. This is such an incredible idea! Free art? Wha?