Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer in the City

My God. The heat. Do you feel it? With this kind of weather the Seattle Freeze starts to defrost a little bit and the good people of the Emerald City start to lighten up. That and the crazies really come out. Cal Anderson here I come - right after I get out of my dark, overly air conditioned office/cave.

I see you sunshine...coming through the windows and all. Yeah, don't you be showing off...what with your vitamin D and sun tanning possibilities.

Welcome are the days of sitting in the park or lighting up a BBQ. There are big plans to put plastic kiddie pools on our (flat) roof. No running! No lifeguard on duty. Maybe that will be the location of our Samstag VIP in the rap videos without the money...or the half naked girls (Robbie?)...or the mansions...or P.Diddy!

Volunteer Park for a birthday celebration

Samstag Annie getting dirty

But when the sun goes down in the city, things get that much more unruly. On Monday night I went to the Peaches concert at the Showbox Market. Peaches. My world has changed. She jumped in the crowd, literally WALKED on everyone's head, and at one point had her arse smashed up against my face and the face of a young man in a taco costume. Taco costume - I said it. Imagine. Anyway, this is Peaches. Enjoy.

"This is our LIFE. This is what our band gets to do every night!"


- L

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