Friday, June 26, 2009

sneak peeks!

without further ado, feast your eyes, friends!

we are really getting going over here.

inspiration boards, price tags, business plans, excel spreadsheets (no, i am not pulling your leg) and, yes! ...PRODUCT!

we've spent the better part of the day putting together some tantalizing advance looks at some of the items we'll be selling in the weeks to come.

as for right now, all of our sales will be happening in person, somewhere in capitol hill, seattle.

disclaimer! not all the items you see here will look exactly the same later when you see them out for sale. we are working on enhancing, tailoring, and personalizing each samstag make it ours, and hopefully, someday, yours.

we'll let you know where and when!

please contact us at with any of your friendly queries, messages of encouragement, or hot tips on where we can find more gold plastic unicorns.

annie & lizzie
samstag saturday


  1. Shit got real. I'm liking this, ladies. Liking it in a big way.

  2. Thank you, Reardon women!
    we miss you!

  3. I WILL be there next time.

    Work permitting of course. Bleh.