Thursday, May 6, 2010


Annie and I have a great affection for our mothers, a fascination with who they were when they were our age (which Annie explores here), and an admiration for all that they have done for us. My mother, I am convinced, should be hailed as a saint. She is kind, patient, and a strong woman. There are a few things that I find curious about her (like how she administered urine tests as a job after college and how she tried to become Sheriff), but I love the idea that she is more than just a mother - she's a woman of the world! Horrah! I can only hope to have a heart like hers and the courage to love BIG.

Here she is with my father. Cheesy picture, typical Dad

The more I think about it, the more I believe that mothers are the strength of our world. Whether we have good or bad relationships with them, these women shape us to be who we are and introduce us to who we may become. The more that I struggle as a post-grad young adult in this scary world, the more she reveals to me about who she was before her stinky kids came into her life. Heck! Before many people came into her life. Secrets, secrets are no fun. Wait, yes there are! Let me in!

Love my mom's style here with my great-grandmother, aunt, grandma and father

And isn't it really something to see generations side by side? Think of the history! What I wouldn't give to meet my nana in the Nebraska dance halls or my mother when she first moved to California!

Three leading ladies - oh how we have and will change the world

But what's more, let's not forget about the women in our lives who have raised us like their own. They have been our grandmothers, our coaches, our teachers, our friends' mothers, our mothers' friends, our step-mothers, our aunts...and they are our inspiration!

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