Monday, May 3, 2010

birthday boots

This month a lot of things went my way and I found my finances in a nice, comfortable spot. Since it was my Michael Jordan birthday, which has precedence for being a pretty important year (see evidence here and here and here)*, I marched straight over to vintage wonderland No Parking on Pike Street and bought myself a pair of heavy-duty grey lace-up ankle boots I'd been eyeing for months.

They're really good.

The shopowner, Ben, has some really amazing stuff and is constantly updating the space's layout and themes. There's always something perfect hiding in the jewelry boxes and under tables and you have to spend some serious time in there to see it all. I want a lot of things in there that I can't afford and Ben is always patient with Lizzie and I when we paw through it and tell him how great his stuff is. We especially like hearing his stories of how and where he tracks down different treasures.

I feel really powerful in these boots. The soles will NEVER wear out, that's the Justin boot promise. It's a brand for farmers, as I understand. Plus, when I wear my glasses at the same time, I AM DARIA.

I'm trying to get Lizzie to buy a pair so she can be Jane Lane!

*Sometimes, you turn 23, and you go on an all-day birthday adventure with Lizzie, and you happen to run into someone you sort of know who works at a diner that you went into looking for a milkshake, and he goes on, out of the goodness of his heart, to make you lots of fruity drinks at 3pm.

Here is part of the adventure:

Sorry, Mom.


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