Sunday, May 2, 2010

Canary Sing + DOP


Day by day we are reassured that our young lives--hell, all our lives!--should be dedicated to making things with our besties. Here is one such beautiful collaboration: our dear Katie and Ben, over at Department of Projects in Portland, just put together the album art for the latest EP from our dear Hollis and Madeleine of Canary Sing. DOP's design is spot on, and these are indeed beautiful babies!

The release party for the Beautiful Baby EP, presented by Hidmo Entertainment and Members Only 206, is happening Mother's Day, May 9th!, at Chop Suey. We're stoked. Canary Sing has a lot of big awesome stuff planned for the coming months, including a three-week show-tour-crazy-cool-adventure-time in Minnesota, NYC, DC, and Jamaica.

AAAND: here are the boss ladies last night rocking Moe Bar:

Love 'em.

A & L

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  1. canarysing can't wait to partner with samstag and make a flowy beautimous photoshoot !!!!!!!