Sunday, October 18, 2009

Whacha Makin?

Oh what you can do with a trusty Goodwill and some postgrad free time! Woohoo! Ms. Reardon, Ms. Murphy and I recently stomped around the International District Goodwill and came home with some great finds. I picked up this breakfast-in-bed tray that's matted with some map of some lakes and land from some place that I just don't know. Cool, huh?

I fixed it up, added a frame hanger, and some everyday nails and OUILA! a place to hang my favorite jewelry pieces.

I thought I'd point out for you local shoppers that I found the gold fan necklace at No Parking on Pike & 11th - great vintage stuff in a great cramped space. I especially want to point out the white beaded collar in the middle. It came from B & W Vintage on Pike just east of 12th Ave. Please, please support this local vintage's like walking into your grandparent's closet (Nana, is that you?). And the old man behind the counter is about five feet too tall to fit into my purse and steal.

Anyway, get craftin'!

- L


  1. I love love love No Parking. I got a gorgeous butterfly necklace there a couple of Sundays ago. my favorite stop on the way to work <3

  2. So good! The guy that works there is very particular about things, but sometimes that works out in our favor! I got this neon green heavy cotton skirt there that I'm daring myself to wear to work. I wanna see your butterfly necklace!

  3. Yes!! B & W is so great! He and I chatted about vintage jewelry for so long when I bought some earrings there a few weeks ago. He really loves that store.