Friday, October 23, 2009

Drumroll, please....

I've done it. I finally decided what I want to be for Halloween thanks to some friendly inspiration. And it is....?

Charlie Chaplin!

"But Lizzie" you ask, "what about your sexy firewoman costume? Sexy nurse? Sexy school teacher? Your sexy sexy?" I doubt I'm disappointing anyone (*Frat houses are not places I frequent. Neither is the Lusty Lady), but running around the Hill on a cold and mostly likely rainy night in anything but pants doesn't sound appealing.

Plus, I've been thinking and thinking about how I can incorporate a mustache of some kind into my costume. Don't ask why. Things I will need:

1. A cane
2. A bowler hat
3. Men's pants and oversized shoes
4. One heavy duty mustache and eyebrow set
5. And the rest of the get-up that I'm sure is hiding in a closet somewhere in this apartment

What's even better is that the man wore eyeshadow for his usual shtick! It'll be easy to fit into this role seeing how he played "clumsy" and well, that's my daily ticket AND I'll be wearing men's shoes...

* P.S. Look up "Girls's Costume Warehouse" on the Youtube. It gets me every time.

Signing out,
- L

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