Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What's up Real Life?

Hi long-lost friends, from the web and Real Life! It's me, Annie, the slack half of this here blog. (!!!)

It's been a while since we last spoke. I hope you aren't peeved with me. I have been feeling a little blue, a little like maybe-I-can't-take-on-the-world as of late. So I have been hiding away in my cozy new bedroom, reading Nancy Drew and strategizing. And though Nancy Drew had very little to do with it (making sure the dishes are done before you follow that clue...sheesh! No thank you.), I am now putting on my new game face.

There. It's on.

The world isn't going to change. I surmise that it's going to keep on coming at me. And that's a wonderful thing! New apartments, new jobs (that aren't what you love), working for the money so you can eat dinner, no school (!), brothers visiting, mothers visiting, payin' da bills, blahblahblah. I might as well meet it head on, with a smile and fake claws!

If seeing Where the Wild Things Are taught me anything, it's that it's really rad to be reminded that it's ok to pretend that you're tougher than you are, and that you can be sad sometimes and also that living in a giant spherical fort made of twigs is something that other people dream about, too.

But it's exciting. There are things to be done! Postcards to be sent! Sketches to be drawn! Re-store windowpanes to be hung on my living room wall!

OH, and also, more importantly, A NEW AND EXCITING, COMPLETELY AWESOME EVENT to be planned & explained right here on this blog. A brainchild of my most lovely, most patient counterpart, the ever-fashionable Ms. L.



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