Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ADDENDUM: 48 hours with Lizzie Vance

It was one of those magical, devil-may-care, sky's-the-limit sort of evenings, which incidentally, Lizzie and I have been having pretty often lately. We were feeling like queens of cool, that is for sure.

I just wanted to add that at the meeting, I acted as secretary, keeping track of the minutes and all, while Lizzie really conducted the thing, leading the brainstorming session and fielding questions from the public.

Right from the get-go, it just seemed like people wanted to get in our business conversation, even people who weren't physically inside the restaurant. When that guy was skateboarding (uphill) past us on Pine, I said something like, "Look at this jerk" and almost instantaneously, he looked right at me, and I was sort of pointing at him vaguely with my slice of pizza, and so Lizzie turned around and looked at him too and said "Jeremy!" and then waved, and then he was gone. She explained that the guy looked like her friend Jeremy, but probably wasn't her friend Jeremy.

And then we started jamming on our meeting again, none the wiser. A few minutes later, "Jeremy" was sitting next to us asking "So what are we going to do tonight, girls?" Which was weird, because he had a manic grin and a corduroy suit on and especially because he definitely wasn't Lizzie's friend Jeremy. And then, oddly enough, a couple of friendly round-faced gents on the other side of me chose that moment to ask Lizzie and me if we were having a "Ladies' Night." To which Lizzie immediately responded, "Yes, are you?" and to which I responded, "No. We are having a Business MEETING." Apparently it didn't matter to them or to pseudo-Jeremy, because they hung out for a while, but luckily the dudes just started talking to each other and Lizzie and I got back to keeping minutes.

Incidentally, here is an excerpt of what the Coolest Power Meetings You Could Ever Imagine look like:

commencing FEBRUARY 18, 2010 8:07PM

we should write an essay. a pamphlet, really. it should be called the new nation. it is an ethos. we are going to pare down to build up. excess is the enemy of the new nation. we just need the classic. you never wear those purple pants, anyway. the new nation exists in a simpler time & place where we start realizing our dreams right after we conceive them. imagine what you could do!

we could live in a loft and hang our clothes from the ceiling like christmas lights. 0 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, $1200.


the coolest people have style uniforms. like mr. rogers. he had it down! different sneaks, different sweater, same unmatchable style. i really believe that, actually. also, french actresses, or david bowie.

concluding FEBRUARY 18, 2010, 11:28PM

The rest of the weekend was pretty epic. We (randomly) got to see South Pacific at the 5th Avenue Theater for free, spent time with a Russian badass, and stayed out waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay past curfew.


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