Monday, February 22, 2010

48 hours with annie murphy

last weekend was so, so much fun. but before the fun could begin, it was important that annie and i held a very important and formal business meeting...with pizza. and fur coats. and strangers on skateboards (who skateboards up a hill, really?)

delicious brain food, courtesy of hot mama's pizza by the slice and our friend, jimmy.

who taught us our manners?

when all is said and done, when the week comes to a close, all a girl really needs is pizza, a best girlfriend and dreeeaaams! and happy hour. hello oddfellows. hello chao. hello unicorn. hello friday night college party (sorry we just walked in).

hello living room. hello wood panel walls and mood lighting.

hello serious american girls.

hello silly american girls.

ah, and hello hot dog mustard (and cream cheese) all over my new blue jeans. good night world.



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