Tuesday, July 14, 2009

our very first samstag--updates!

this past saturday, we spent a lovely day enjoying our friends, the sun, and some very nice strangers who like our style and things that are old.

here are some photos!

our friend sara brought a bunch of really awesome things to sell---vintage polaroid cameras, silk scarves, and some 100-year-old glass mason jars she inherited from her grandmother. she even brought homemade lemonade, scones, and something blueberry which, luckily for us, got so mangled in the ride to our house that she let us snack on them all day for free-zy.

vintage in the trees!

some beautiful customers & their purchases:
melissa, vintage ray-bans

emily & will, the raddest polyester button-down you ever saw (courtesy of casey)

damian, framed landscape clock


& the handmade samstag headbands, made with love by us:

until next time!

A & L


  1. congrats on the sale, looks like fun...and i love the headbands ! just wanted to say thanks to you ladies for linking to me. i'll add you to the needle+thread link bar !

  2. This flea market sale looks like a blast! I found you guys through your comment on my site. When is your next Saturday sale? I'll be checking in on your site because I certainly don't want to miss out next time around.


  3. Thanks for your comments, ladies! We love both of your blogs very much and are glad to see you peaking at ours!

    The next Samstag Saturday will be soon...fingers crossed for more great weather. We will be sure to let you know, of course, just in case you feel like checking it out or getting involved.

    Have a great week!