Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Profession of Love and Devotion

Let's get serious. I mean, let's get serious. Let's talk "the next step" kind of serious. We've been together for awhile now and I feel like we've got a good thing going. You make me laugh and we like to do the same kinds of things. If anything, we look great together. I think I really like you. Where do you see our future going?

Whoa, whoa...marriage?!?

Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I was thinking that maybe I could express my love and devotion to you, vintage fashion, by maybe setting up an Etsy account - you know, something to show the world. Because I'm in love with you and I don't care who knows!

What's that? You love the idea of online shopping with me?

Samstag Saturday is "taking the next step" and setting up an Etsy account for your viewing and shopping enjoyment. Hold on to your saddle shoes, ladies and gents. We'll keep you posted!



- L

1 comment:

  1. Whoa, dudes! That's great.

    Is it true you need a business license to get an Etsy account? If so, you girls kick butt for being so prof.

    Speaking of which, when are we making you all some lovely business papers and logos and tags and such?