Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ramblin' (Wo)man

Life has been busy for us Samstag gals. We’ve been watching doors open and close during these past few weeks and whew (!), things are really changing. When I was a young (and much tanner) kid back home in San Diego, my dad with all of his fatherly wisdom would talk about life being a giant book, with chapters beginning and ending, characters fazing in and out, and everything eventually coming to a close. I always thought, “Aw man, that’s such an old folk thing to say” but you know what? That guy really has something goin’ there.

I’ve spent the past three months working at Duo Public Relations as an intern for a team of wonderful, intelligent and creative women, but last Thursday was my final day, and sure enough Pops, that chapter has come to an end. Can I just say this? This one thing? Working at Duo was such a great experience and I am one lucky kid to have landed an internship there. We had dogs in the office, wine on Fridays, and lots of fun...and of course I learned lots. So what did I do to celebrate? I went to Disneyland! No, not really, but close! I went to New York City to celebrate a few great things in my life, and of course to just be a tourist!

Talk about spontaneous. I bought my plane ticket on Tuesday (with flyer miles! What, do you think I’m made out of money?) and landed Friday afternoon. I haven’t always been a light packer. My family would probably tell you that I’m a just-in-case-the-world-ends kind of packer, but those days are behind me. Needless to say, I showed up with a pre-schooler’s sized backpack and just went with it! Because no matter how hard I could have tried, nothing compares to the style of New York City women. Seriously. Seriously. I must have looked like a dirty old man lusting after all of the spring jackets and high heels. Somehow, the women seemed to just pull everything off so effortlessly. Maybe I was just excited, but I doubt that my eyes deceived me!

I swear that we spent just as much time window shopping in the Meat Packing District as we did site seeing. Anyway, I’m still dreaming in that Empire State of Mind (See: Jay-Z). Maybe someday, Queens and Brooklyn and everything in between will be so lucky as to have me grace their bubblegum sidewalks again. Yeah, real lucky.

View of the city from the Williamsburg Bridge

Times Square!

A humble view from the Empire State Building




I wish I had written down or could remember the names of the rest of these ridiculously awesome shops on 14th Ave, but in the moment I was just racing around like a kid in a candy shop! So please, enjoy these photos.

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