Saturday, November 21, 2009

Glitter Aftermath!

Us Samstag-ers enjoying dancing it out in my living room with our new purchases.

One week later and I think we have finally caught up. After resting and replenishing, I'd like to add an addendum to my previous post to thank Tracy, the wonderful Glitter Insider, author of the Glitter Sale Insider blog and tweeter behind GlitterSale_Gal. We were lucky enough to meet her (in the flesh!) while we were trying to keep our toes warm in the line that fateful morning.

She gave us some of her patented insider tips and also featured our stories on her blog this past week!Lizzie, Katie, and moi with the Glitter Gal herself!

Here we goooo!

Check out Tracy's account--and the this year's tally, $140,000 bones for Goodwill job training (!!!)--and more entertaining pictures and stories of the Glitter Sale aftermath. You can also find stories and pictures at our dear friend Katie's blog (who is now your dear friend, too).
The best ladies to shop with in the whole hemisphere. No--make that the world.

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