Monday, September 14, 2009

What will it be?

My hopes run high for sunshine and Samstag Saturdays on the front lawn (new front lawns, seeing how Miss. Annie and I have moved homes)...however! There are days like this when great coats are just too exciting. Admittedly, I walk around the Hill A LOT and maybe at too fast a pace for coats when it's 60 degrees, but still...Right?

Okay so maybe December and "typical" Seattle weather is a ways off but look what I found on our beloved ETSY. I can haz? It's like Little Red Riding Hood caught the wolf and made him into a coat.

Too far?

- L

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  1. Hey lady! beautiful coat,omg! thanks for your sweet comments about my cards! i'm glad you like them and i wish you luck on the rockstar giveaway