Monday, August 31, 2009

The Navy Blue Canvas Dilema

I've done it. I've broken myself again. I was riding TOOFASTTOOFURIOUS (on my bike) like an idiot & probably got what I deserved. Anyway...

What can be done about an unsightly blue sling?

I'm thinking embroidering? Silk screening? Ideas?





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  2. oh, no! lizzy, dear. no good at all.

    i'd say something like a fabric store patch would be nice. you know, like a unicorn or an american flag or a kitten playing a keyboard.

    and while your at it you could pick up some shiny stickers for your new helmet that i'll be forcing you to wear post-bluesling. yeah, you heard me. i'm not even going to ask if you were wearing a helmet when you crashed. i know the answer, you rebel, you!

  3. Dear Mama Katie: I was wearing a helmet! Moments before the crash I even said, "I hate this thing. It makes me look like a mushroom head."


    But I love your ideas. Still have to wear the sling in crowds and stuff so I'll definitely add a patch or something. Thanks!

    - L